Fast Facts


What types of apartments do Expats in Prague offer?

We connect you with the Landlord of fully furnished high standard apartments or rooms in the centre of Prague. We also cooperate with university campuses and look for the best spots they have for you. Apart from that we also represent a couple of unfurnished apartments usually for longer stays.

Can I visit the apartments before signing a contract?

For sure! We even recommend you to do so, so you exactly know what you will get. However, we understand that sometimes it’s hard for you to visit the apartment since you need to find the place to stay before even coming to the Czech Republic. That’s why we provide high quality pictures of all the apartments so you can feel it like you really were there.

Moving in

I saw an apartment that I like, how do I reserve it?

First you need to let us know what apartment do you like and then we will inform you if it’s still available. Then you can reserve it by signing the Rental Agreement and paying the deposit. Usually the deposit equals to one rent. You can also do that online by sending us your scanned IDs and proof of payment. We will give you more information when you contact us.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The purpose of Deposit is to ensure that the rent and the payments for services are provided in accordance with the Rental Agreement. The Deposit or its part can be used by Landlord as payment for cleaning the space or remedy of damages, if they occur and the Tenants fail to return the Apartment in a sound and proper conditions, as it was handed over at the beginning of the rent. If everything is alright you don’t have to worry and you will get your deposit back.

Can I move my own furniture in the apartment?

Yes you can, no problem. Make sure you store the furniture somewhere else, so you can put everything back in the room at the end of your contract.

Am I allowed to have visitors in my room?

Visitors are allowed, but remember: you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests at all times. Also, make sure to keep the peace and quiet in and around the building, and don’t make noise after 10 PM. It is not allowed to take a visitor in your room for many days without permission from Landlord.

Foreign police

I am European Union citizen, when do I have to notify the foreign police about my residence of territory?

If you are European Union citizen you are obliged to notify the police about your residence in within 30 days of entry into the country if your intended stay will be longer than 30 days. This obligation also applies to a family member of an EU citizen if that citizen resides in the territory. The obligation to report the place of residence to the police does not apply to an alien who lives in hostel type of living, such as hostel, hotel, campus, boarding house etc. So if you are staying in campus type of housing, you just have to report yourself to the reception and they will do the rest. If you are not sure, just ask us.

I am non-European Uunion citizen, when do I have to notify the foreign police about my residence of territory?

If you are an alien you are required within 3 working days from the date of entry into the territory notify the police residence in the territory. It does not apply in respect of an alien under 15 years of age, a staff member of the embassy of a foreign state or an international governmental organization accredited in the Czech Republic, his family members registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a foreigner who provides accommodation ministry.

I want to get a certificate of temporary residence permit, when can I get it?

The Ministry will issue a European Union citizen, at his request confirmation of temporary residence permit if a citizen of the European Union
a) intends to reside temporarily for a period longer than 3 months
b) did not endanger state security or seriously disturb public order.

What do I have to submit to get the certificate of temporary residence?

The application for a certificate of temporary residence in the territory of a European Union citizen shall submit
a) travel document;
b) a document confirming the purpose of residence in the case of employment, business or other gainful employment or studies;
c) photographs;
d) proof of health insurance; this does not apply if the purpose of stay is employment, business or other gainful activity,
e) proof of accommodation in the territory.

Czech Republic

What are all public and other holidays?

Here is the list of all public holidays. The ones highlighted in bold letters shows when all shops bigger than 200 square meters will be closed.

  • 1 January (Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State)
  • 25 March (Good Friday)
  • 28 March (Easter Monday)
  • 1 May (Labour day)
  • 8 May (Liberation Day)
  • 5 July (St Cyril and Methodius Day)
  • 6 July (Jan Hus Day)
  • 28 September (Day of the Czech statehood)
  • 28 October (Foundation of the Independent Czechoslovak State)
  • 17 November (Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day)
  • 24 December (Christmas Eve)
  • 25 December (Christmas Day)
  • 26 December (2nd Christmas Day)
  • 1 January 2016 (Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State)
What are the most important czech words?

  • Hello = Ahoj [aɦɔj]
  • Beer = Pivo [Pɪvɔ]
  • Good day = Dobrý den [dɔbriː dɛn]
  • Bye = Na shledanou [na sɦlɛdanɔʊ̯]
  • Thanks = Děkuji [Djɛkʊjɪ]
  • Yes = Ano [ɐno]
  • No = Ne [ne]
  • Sorry = Promiňte [pɾomiɲte]
  • Not at all = Není za co [Nɛɲiː za tsɔ]
  • Another one = Ještě jedno [Jɛʃcɛ jɛdnɔ]
What are the most important numbers?

  • 158 – Police of the Czech Republic
  • 155 – Emergency Medical Service
  • 150 – Fire Service
  • 112 – Universal Emergency Number
  • 156 – Municipal Police


How do I notice tricky exchange offices?

Prague attracts foreigners to the monuments and culture but for spending pleasant time in the Czech Republic you need some cash. Non-bank exchange offices in the city center are like mushrooms after the rain and the tourists can choose which one they prefer. Cash withdrawals from ATM machines are expensive for foreign tourists and banks in turn charge fees per shift. Signs „No commission, no charge, no fees” act as a spell and brings new customers. The vast majority of the exchange offices in the center of Prague use a legal trick on foreigners. On board are listed dual courses. First, the worse, apply for „small amounts“, second, normal rates apply to „large volumes“. Each exchange has different criteria for large or small volume.

Which change offices schould I avoid?

You should avoid these exchange offices (courses about 17 CZK/1 €, normal price should be about 28 CZK/1 €):

  • Obchodně-finanční společnost
  • Global Travel s.r.o
  • INTERCHANGE, s.r.o.
  • EXACT BOHEMIA spol. s r.o.
  • Center k.s. a EX.CHANGE k.s.
How much is a taxi?

The upper price limit is 28 CZK / km during the day and 40 CZK / km at night. Also, immediately after the onset make sure that the driver uses the meter and the amount that is given to him at the time of onset is on a starting rate (usually around 40 CZK, but for different operators can vary). Otherwise thank and immediately get off. Also be aware that you have the right to require a bill for any payment.

What should I avoid when taking a taxi?

Prague taxi service has unfortunately very bad reputation. From all sides can be heard about robbing customers, particularly tourists, taxi drivers. Very bad idea is for example stop accidentally taxi in the busiest areas of Prague as Wenceslas Square in Prague, the Old Town Square, near Central Station and the airport (ie, where taxi most often need) or Lesser Town Square. If you no longer need a taxi, it is much better to order it in advance by phone or over the Internet. If you want to call anywhere, then in the interest of their wallets to locate the taxi stand named TAXI FAIR PLACE established by the Prague City Hall, which at the taxi drivers who parked in these places, guaranteeing honesty and professionalism. Otherwise, it is good to know that in addition to the typical illuminated taxi sign on the roof, every legal cab should have the operating company name, license number, license number and cost per kilometer mentioned on both front doors. We encourage you to communicate with the taxi driver for the price before you go, whether you’re a cab called or stopped on the street.

Is there a subway in Prague?

Yes, there are 3 lines with 3 interchange stations. You can see the map.